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Browsing Guide

This online office offers users of the website this brief navigation guide explaining how the content is organized and presenting the standards and recommendations for its proper use.

Prior considerations

• To the effects of that stipulated in the regulations applicable to online offices, one is considered to be in the online office when::

  1. The upper part of the browser so indicates:Ruta que aparece en la barra de navegación: http://sedes.central.sepg.minhac.age/sitios/sedeclasespasivas/es-ES/Paginas/inicio.aspx
  2. While navigating, no pop-ups not linked to the site appear.
  3. The window or content of the office is not within another framework, etcetera included in another website or portal.

One is not considered to be in the office, for example, in any of the  following situations:


• The site has been abandoned and the individual is required to “re-enter” when:

  1.  The URL address ... varies for any reason besides to navigate the site, including, writing directly in the address bar, selecting a bookmark, favorite, etcetera, clicking the arrows, recovering pages from the history, even when they are from the office itself, and other similar situations.Flechas ie8
  2. After 60 minutes have elapsed with no user activity in the site, even if it is visible.
  3. If the browser is closed, access to the internet is lost or the PC shuts down for any reason.

• In order to use the "digital signature” feature, which may be required for some operations, the device used to browse the Internet must support "javascript”.

• If the user’s computer is infected with any virus, trojan, worm or any other type of programs that could affect security, the apparent incorrect functioning will not be assumed by the responsible parties of the office. To that effect, we recommend that users visit http: (The Security Office for Internet users (OSI) is a service provided by the Spanish Government to provide information and support needed to prevent and resolve security issues that could affect users when using the Internet.)


A welcome message will appear when the user has correctly entered the online office.

The home page will give the following browsing options:

The different languages in which office content is offered are displayed in the heading, and the user can choose any freely.

A Search Engine that will operate within the contents and specific language of the office is provided.

In the upper right corner, the date and time the user enters the office and the date and time of the server on which the office is located will be displayed. The user can check the time and date at any time by refreshing the page.

The date and time of the operation as indicated by the office, not the user’s computer, will be legally binding.

The user of the Online Office can choose to browse using the menu on the left.

  • CITIZENS Enquire and obtain reports and personal certificates on the pensions paid to Civil Servants.
  • LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE Consult the data on benefits paid to the Civil Servants for the persons you hold powers of representation..
  • VOLUNTARY REPRESENTATIVEConsult details of pensions paid to the Civil Servants and obtain certificates and reports that can be carried out through the Electronic Authorised Representatives Register.
  • ONLINE APPLICATION FOR BENEFITS Present electronically requests, documents and communications related to the procedures of acknowledgement and payment of provisions to Civil Servants

In order to use the online services that are offered, it is necessary to have an e-ID (DNIe) or other recognized electronic certificate of those included in the list of acceptable certificates.

When the user’s PC is correctly connected to a properly  icono impresora configured printer, the user can obtain the current corresponding content on paper by clicking Printable version.

Clicking the links in the right central area will grant access to other contents, and the site will be abandoned. Opening said links in a new tab or window also results in abandonment of the office.

In the right central area, the user will find access to other offices, such as the Ministry and the 060 Service, in addition to other portals: The Directorate General of Community Funds portal, the Government Comptroller’s Office portal and the Ministry portal.

How to know where you are?

The upper part of the central area of the page shows the heading or menu that indicates where the visitor to office is and the path taken to reach the page he is now viewing; all parts of the heading are active links that allow for navigation.

Footer items

  • Regulations governing the office: Legislation in force at the date indicated in the office.
  • Validation of the Office Certificate: The authenticity of the office can be checked at any given time.
  • System for verifying entity seals: Allows the seals for automated administrative actions of the entity holding the title for the office, when applicable.
  • Digital signature: Information about the digital signature systems supported by the office.
  • Technical Guide:shows a list of the most typical current incidents, the minimum requirements to access the Budget Administration systems, other types of information related to the use of the online Administration services and a personalised form of incidents.
  • Verification of e-documents: Will facilitate the verification of the authenticity of the documents available to the user in an office procedure; this is made possible by accessing the URL and introducing the digital code appearing on the document.
  • Calendar: Access to information regarding non-business days to calculate deadlines.
  • Complaints and suggestions: For the online submission of complaints and suggestions.
  • Lists of Services: Description of the services offered by the titleholder of the office.
  • Communication channels: How to communicate with the titleholder of the office via other means.
  • Site Map | Accessibility | Legal Notice | Map | Contact: Access to this document, compliance with the standards for accessibility, legal notice regarding the content, site map and e-mail addresses for consultation purposes.
  • Internet standards upheld by the office:CSS válido  XHTML válido Icono de conformidad con el Nivel Doble-A de las Directrices de Accesibilidad para el Contenido Web 1.0