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Passive Classes
25 october 2020 11:49:20
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Our Services



  • Recognition and payment of:
    • State Civil service pensions earned by civil servants.
    • Civil War pensions.
    • financial aid to the victims of crimes of violence and against sexual freedom
    • Alimony Payment Guarantee Fund advances.
  • Payment of pensions earned by military and assimilated staff.
  • Payment of financial aid to persons affected by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).
  • Recognition of pensions applying Community regulations on coordination of Social Security systems.
  • Recognition of the right to transfer the actuarial equivalent of the pension entitlement of Spanish civil servants to the European Union welfare system.


  • One-on-one information.
  • Helpline 900 50 30 55.
  • Responses to queries made by post or through the Civil Service website.
  • Information on pension amounts for civil servants who are close to retirement, available on request.
  • Sending of personalized information to the address of pensioners.


The following electronic services are provided (the user's electronic certificate is required) via the Civil Service website https://clasespasivas.gob.es:

  • Consultation of processing status of the pension or benefit requested or of the appeal filed.
  • Consultation of data on the pension or benefit recognized.
  • Wage slip for the previous 12 months.
  • Report on the annual pension review.
  • Report on the income tax withholdings on account deducted from the pension.
  • Pension certificates.
  • Information on calculating the recognised pension.
  • Electronic submission of requests, written documents and communications via the Civil Service Electronic Register


The following electronic services are provided (the user's electronic certificate is not required) via the Civil Service Portal http://www.clasespasivas.sepg.hacienda.gob.es :

  • Up-to-date information on Passive Class benefits, proceedings, services and regulations.
  • Application forms for Civil Service benefits and the necessary communications to recognise and pay said benefits.
  • Simulation of the approximate value of the future retirement benefit via the SIMUL@ program.