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The electronic office of the State Secretariat for Social Security and Pensions allows citizens, on their own behalf or through their representatives, to manage certain procedures related to Civil Service pensions and benefits via the Internet.

  • Consultation of personal and financial data of pensions paid by Pensioners.
  • Obtaining reports: Payroll receipts of current and previous payroll (last twelve months), report on the revaluation of the current year.
  • Obtaining certificates: Interim retention of personal income tax certificate, current pension certificates (monthly and annual), pensioner certificate, negative certificate, pensioner certificate of retirement due to disability/unfitness for work.
  • Access to the content of the Sub-Directorate General for Administration of the Civil Service’s notifications and communications of which you are a recipient.

Type of access

  • Digital identification certificate or electronic DNI.
  • Clave Report and certificate queries only

Electronic notifications

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